Custom work

for our partners
in flowers

For partners

in flowers

We are a platform for buyers and sellers. We provide custom solutions for mobile, internet and classic flower wholesalers. We support you as much as needed. From directly delivering full containers to packing units per florist. It saves you tons of work and gives you total peace of mind.

Our 4


Selecting straightforward from a whole, exclusive and clear product range

Custom work in unburdening: Sorted and packed per florist if desired

Always fresh and priced sharp; order 24/7, even in the smallest amounts

Added value: Our knowledge center offers solicited and unsolicited product advice

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Being proud


We see our customers as equal partners. Your success is our success and of course vice versa. Happy florists are the result. With beautiful products and excellent service we make the difference for them. Every single day. That’s something we can be proud of together.